How to Use Clip in Extensions | Video

How to Use Clip in Extensions | Video

I've always loved long hair but unfortunately mine is very thin and I can never grow it long! That's when the hair extensions come handy. I've been using extensions since I was 17 (I will be 30 this year) and I can tell you from experience that the easies ones to use are the clip-ins. Simple because you can add and remove them whenever you want, which means that you don't have to shower and sleep with them. And if you’ve ever had hair extensions attached to yours, then you know how painful and annoying it can be to have them on your head the whooooole time.


Here’s why I love the clip-ins so much!

1. As I said above you can apply them whenever you want. Take me for example, I do like my hair and my hair length but occasionally I want to have thicker and longer hair. Sometimes it’s for special events, sometimes it’s just for me. Then I can simply apply the clip-ins and Voila. :)

2. They’re not on your head the whole time. If you had hair extensions attached to your real hair even for few days (either sewed or with tapes, micro rings etc) then you know how difficult it can be to sleep and shower with them. When you wet the extensions they get SO heavy, you literally want to die lol Then it comes the drying… which takes LONG. And if you wash your hair every other day like me then you’re screwed lol.

3. If used the right way they can last for years. Since the clip-in extensions aren’t on your head the whole time that means that you wash it, style it, brush it, dry it etc not too often and logically they will last longer.

4. You want balayage but you don’t want the damage. Nowadays you can easily find hair that is already dyed and if you can get one that matches your hair roots but has lighter ends. That way you don’t have to dye your own hair at all.

5. It’s affordable. Think about it, if you buy a clip-in hair extensions you only pay once. But if you go to a hair salon once to apply the extensions and then every 2, 3 weeks to maintain them (as your hair grows the extensions need to be reapplied every few weeks), that can be expensive and annoying.*

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 17.01.23.png

*Of course that applying hair extensions in a salon with a good hairdresser has some advantages too like the fixed extensions always look more natural. You can get the extensions trimmed together with your real hair and achieve some nice layers. It also saves you the effort to apply the clip-ins yourself at home.

In this video I'm showing you how to use clip in extensions - everything from applying to styling, washing and storing. Just keep in mind that in order to keep this video around 3 min, I only gave you some basic helpful information. It goes without saying that if you have some questions you can always ask me in the comment section below. I forgot to mention that my extensions are from Beauty Works and the shade is called ‘Beverly Hills’. I bought the 18” but I trimmed them a bit, simply because they were too long for me.

Hope it was helpful.

how to use clip in extensions
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