Blue Eyeliner: 4 Ways to Wear it like a Pro (with Tutorials)

Blue Eyeliner: 4 Ways to Wear it like a Pro (with Tutorials)

I love adding a little (or a lot) blue to my eye makeup 😍 When I was younger I used to wear only black eyeliner all the time, but once I experimented and I saw what a huge difference adding some colour makes I never went back to my old makeup! The main reason to be so addicted to the blue is that it simply makes my eyes look bigger and brighter and it's also less boring than the brown and the black. During the years of blogging I created few looks with blue eyeliner and today I decided to put them all in one blog post with the intention to give you few ideas and with the hope to inspire you to experiment more with your makeup. The looks are very easy and for most of them I actually used only few products. Scroll down to see the pictures, the products used and the tutorials.

Blue Eyeliner

1. Turquoise Blue
The first look that I want to share with you is this Turquoise Eyeliner, which my followers in Instagram really liked. It's very simple look with only one colour matte eyeshadow, 1 eyeliner and a good mascara. You can find the tutorial below and full list of the product used here.

Blue Winged Eyeliner

2. Simple Arabic Makeup
Next is this simple Black & Blue look, which is actually my most seen video on YouTube! I named it 'Arabic' because it reminds me of the Middle East a lot. In this region the blue and green eyeliner on the lower waterline is something very common and I know why, these colours make your eyes look bigger and in the Arabic world we loveeee big eyes. 

Simple Arabic Makeup

3. Smokey Grey & Blue
To me, Grey & Blue is a great combination and I wanted to use it in my makeup as well. In this look there're more things happening on the eyelid while on the lower lash line I only applied some blue pencil eyeliner.

Arabic Eyes

4. Arabic Eyeliner inspired by Istanbul
My 4th suggestion is my latest tutorial, which is inspired by Istanbul. I know that the eyeliner looks more like an Arabic one, but this colour Blue always reminds me of Turkey so I decided to mix up things a little bit (I meant Turkish with Arabic lol). Scroll down to watch the short tutorial and click here if you want to know the full list of the products.

Arabic Eyeliner

Which look did you like the most and would you try any of them? If you do, send me picture on Instagram -

Arabic Eyes: Blue Eyeliner Look (Easy) | Video

Arabic Eyes: Blue Eyeliner Look (Easy) | Video