Langkawi, Malaysia is the Most Beautiful Place I've Seen | Video

Have you been to Malaysia? The last couple of years we've heard so much about the country and really wanted to visit it. This July we finally had the chance (alhamdullilah) to see the capital Kuala Lumpur and the beautiful island Langkawi and I thought it would be fun to share with you some pictures and memories from the trip. πŸ’œ

langkawi malaysia

To get to the island from Dubai you will first need to land in Kuala Lumpur and then to take a local flight to Langkawi (we actually stayed few nights in KL but I will write a separate post for it). The flight I think was not more then 45 minutes, if not less and if you book with a low-cost airline the price will be quite affordable. KL has different terminal for the local flights, but don't worry it's new, very well managed and has many places to eat. I actually feel sorry that I didn't take any pictures from there because it really looks like an international airport. I think I was in vacation mode and I just wanted to chill, but anyway.. let me tell you about this beautiful island from heaven.

We left KL before sunrise because we didn't want to waste time and landed in Langkawi in the morning. Our hotel was quite far from the airport, the ride was probably about 30, 35 minutes but I felt like the Uber was driving forever or maybe I was just too excited to check in and enjoy the sun. By the way we used Uber in Kuala Lumpur and in Langkawi and were very happy with them, but if you still prefer a taxi you need to know that at the airport you have to pay it in advance and then with the receipt you can get a taxi from outside, which I believe it's quite convenient for tourists. However, when we got there our room was not ready so we decided to put our swimsuits on quickly and wait at the pool, which is literally in the middle of a tropical forest. You can see on the pictures above that the pool is around the trees and on them you can see monkeys and all kind of birds, but the monkeys were usually there only in the morning when there were no people around. We also saw a lizard crossing our path the very first day lol.

Hands down the pool was amazing, but the beach of Langkawi took my breath away! I don't know if you can say from the pictures, but this place was stunning! The trees, the water, the nature, the sand, everything was too beautiful to describe with words and all this was just few meters from our doorstep. 🐳 By the way there're many things to do in Langkawi but we just wanted to enjoy this heaven and we only did the Zip-Line in one of the days when the weather wasn't sunny. That experience was pretty amazing too but I won't share pictures from there because I look so terrified on all of them lol yep, it was my first time on a Zip-Line and it was a bit scary. However if you want to do it, I definitely recommend it to you, it is very well managed and the people who look after you on the Zip-Line are so funny and helpful. 

I forgot to mention that we stayed in Andaman hotel in Langkawi. Our friends have recommended it to us and I want to highly recommend it to the readers of my blog. It's an amazing place to spend your vacation! The service was great, the building is clean and looked after. There are also few nice restaurants so you won't need to worry about the food, everything is tasty and fresh. They also serve food and drinks on the pool and on the beach, which makes things very easy. The hotel is also kids friendly. There's a kids area and ladies to entertain them but even if you want your children around you all the time, that's not a problem because there're plenty things to do. You can also have your own jacuzzi or private pool in your room, together with a small garden, which can be a great spot for a family chilling. If you book Andaman hotel for your vacation, don't forget to try their spa. To me this was the best massage and the best spa experience I've ever had! The last picture above is from the spa area. It's actually a small house with no windows that have a stunning beach view. Getting a massage while listening to the waves and the songs of the birds and breathing fresh air is honestly a priceless experience! 

I also put a small video together, hope you like it xx 

Please, feel free to ask me anything. Those of you who have been to Malaysia already, share with me your experience - when did you stay, what did you do? Let me know in a comment below.