How to do Your Eyebrows? | Video

Shall we all agree that eyebrows make huge difference and are very important! Did you know that the right brow shape can actually lift your face and open up your eyes?  

Screenshot from my video; Scroll down to watch the full video.

Screenshot from my video; Scroll down to watch the full video.

Thank God, I was blessed with beautiful eyebrows and I don't really have to do much. I usually pluck them a little, just to remove the excess hair and then I use eyebrow pencil or powder to fill the gaps. When it comes to eyebrow products, I love the brand Anastasia Beverly Hills. (If you don't know who is Anastasia Beverly Hills, you can read here the fascinating story of the successful brand and the CEO Anastasia Soare.) Actually, I have many of their products (both makeup and eyebrows) and I am planning to review them here for you. Today, I want to talk about the amazing tweezers, which I am also using in the video below. Reading this you're probably thinking that all the tweezers are the same and I don't blame you for that because I though the same, but after years and years of using horrible tweezers I understood that investment in a good tool isn't luxury but a must! The tweezers by ABH are very easy to use. They're very sharp and pick every single hair from the first time, even the ones that you aren't able to see. You can literally pluck your eyebrows for 5 minutes. Just be careful if you haven't used similar tweezers before because you might hurt yourself. I advise you to practise few times, just so you can get used with using such a sharp tool. 

In the short video below I am showing you how to use tweezers and how to shape eyebrows. 
Hope that was helpful xx
Reviews for more products by ABH are coming soon! 

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