Best Drugstore BB Cream?

The truth is that no one wants to wear foundation every day. A) It damages the skin by causing pimples, large pores, etc and B) It's quite annoying to do it every-single-day! I have to be very honest with you, I have a love/hate relationship with the BB and CC creams. I've always wanted to simply apply a little tinted cream and go out, but finding the right product was really hard. I actually almost gave up because every single BB/CC cream that I tried wasn't suitable for oily and combination skin. And I still don't understand why brands mark their products 'FOR ALL SKIN TYPES', when it's pretty obvious that if my face shines like a Christmas tree only half an hour after the application, this BB/CC cream isn't suitable for oily skin! 

If you follow my blog since the beginning, then you probably remember that I wrote a review for the sun-protection with matte finish by Vichy, which I absolutely love and have been using literally every day. Not only that the product is great (you can read the full review here) but it also lasted me a whole year and keep in mind that I live in Dubai, meaning I use it if not every day then at least 4 times a week! Anyway, the other day I went to repurchase the sun-protection and then I saw that now there's a new product by Vichy (or new for me). It's the same adored by me sunblock with matte finish but tinted, which means that it has a little bit colour/coverage. That day Boots had an offer 'Buy One, Get One Free' and I decided to give it a try. I couldn't try it in the store because they didn't have testers but when I tried it at home I was so happy with the results. Have a look at the picture below. That's me before and after applying the product. By the way the pictures were not edited and they were taken with an iPhone (which explains the bad quality) for like literally 10 seconds. You can see that I have many dark spots all over my face. The BB cream didn't cover them completely, but I think the results are pretty amazing considering that the texture is lightweight. Basically, you get medium coverage without the heavy feeling. There's something that I don't know why it's not visible on the picture but the product also gives you very nice healthy glow, without being greasy or anything like that.

What's BB cream?
- It's a cosmetic product with creamy lightweight texture, used to even out the skin tone. The BB creams usually have SPF and less coverage than foundations. 
BB cream meaning?
- Blemish Base, Blemish Base or Beauty Balm.
What is BB cream used for? 
- It was developed by a dermatologist who wanted a single cream that would protect skin and provide coverage after laser treatments.
How to apply BB cream?
- I apply it with fingers, but it can be also applied with sponge or a brush. 

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