This Moisturiser will Give LIFE to your skin!

Buying makeup has always been very easy for me because A) I'm a bit obsessed with it and B) I know what I want. However, that's not the case when it comes to skincare, because I find reading the ingredients and testing different products a bit boring. My system for buying skincare is very simple, if someone recommend me a product and I have a good feeling about it I will get it, and if I am happy with the results I would repurchase it.


When I went to look for a night cream I was lucky enough that the skincare specialist of the store approached me and helped me to find something suitable for me. To be fair I wasn't looking for anything special, I just wanted lightweight night cream that will moisturise my skin without feeling heavy. She promised that Hydra Life Fresh Hydration Sorbet Crème by Dior will not only moisturise but it will also improve the overall condition of my skin. What I really liked about it was the gel texture. When I tried it on the back of my hand in the store it felt lightweight, non-sticky and fresh, and that's exactly how it feels on the skin as well. It absorbs pretty well straight after the application and you literally forget that you've put something on your skin, which makes it great for the summer. I have been using it for a week now and to be honest I am quite impressed with the results. My T-zone is less oily, my skin is very soft and radiant and the most important thing - the large pores are less visible. It looks like the skincare consultant was right when she said that this moisturiser is like a water for the skin and we all know that water is mandatory for a healthy skin! 


I bought mine from LAYAL for 260 AED, but as far as I know it's available everywhere. On it's written that the product is suitable for all skin types and it can be used in morning and evening time. Actually, the lady in the store has recommended me the Hydra Life Deep Hydration Sorbet Water Essence Serum too but at that time I though let me first try the moisturiser and if I am happy with it I will get the serum as well. Now, after reading so many good reviews about the serum I want to put my hands on it too lol.

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