Is This the Best Drugstore Mascara? | Product Review

You might find it weird but this is the first time I try a Maybelline mascara. The brand is well known for its good mascaras and they have probably 20 different ones. It's actually really hard to pick one! I think I spent at least half an hour in the store opening and trying all the testers. By the way, I don't apply mascara testers on my eyes, because I am too scared not to get an eye infection, which makes it ever harder to decide which one to buy lol. 

After all the wondering I eventually picked the Colossal Volum' Express Mascara, which is very black and promises instant volume. Now, I have to be very honest with you, when I got home and applied it for the first time I was very disappointed and I actually regretted buying it. It was very liquidy and it didn't give me any volume. However, I wanted to give it another try so I continued using it. I know from experience that you can't decide if you like a product or not from one use only and now I am happy that I did that, because after couple of weeks of everyday use the mascara got a bit thicker and it looks very good on the lashes! Here is a quick tip from me, if you ever buy a mascara that is too liquidy, leave it open for few minutes, that will thicken it and make it easy for application (just don't forget to close it after few minutes, it might dry completely). 

Overall, I think that the Colossal Volum' Express was a good purchase. After all it's a drugstore mascara and it isn't that expensive. I believed it costs about 60 AED, but the brand does a lot of offers, so you can buy it even cheaper. Forgot to mention that it lasts me all day and I didn't notice any crumbling. 

Hope that was helpful. xx

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