Too Faced Natural Matte Palette Review

HAPPY FRIDAY, lovely ladies xx
Yesterday I posted a short tutorial for a weekend look on Instagram (if you are reading this the week when it was posted then you are able too see the video on the right side of the post where the Instagram News Feed is). In the video I am using this amazing matte palette by Too Faced and decided that it's a good idea to review it here.

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This palette is definitely not new, it has been on the market for couple of years. Too Faced launched first a palette called Natural Eyes, which was an absolutely success and one of my most used palettes ever together with Naked 1 (ah..Naked 1 is such a great product!). It's the pink one on the picture below, but I will stop talking about it and will promise to review it in a separate post because as I said it's a great palette. So, after some time Too Faced decided to make all the matte makeup fans happy and launch the Natural Matte which to me is a twin sister of the Natural Eyes lol because the colours are similar but obviously matte. To me this was a great idea, because there are many women who absolutely hate shimmery eyeshadows and most of the palettes out there have a least few shimmery colours. On the other hand matte eyeshadows are great for mature skin, wrinkled eyes and for office or a day makeup looks. Actually this colours are absolutely perfect for the office, have a look at the swatches on the picture below, you can easily create natural day look for work or a heavier smokey eye for the weekend like I did on the Instagram video.

Overall, I think that Natural Matte is a great palette and I definitely don't regret buying it! To be fair Too Faced does really good eyeshadows and they aren't very pricey neither. Also most of their palettes are this size which is perfect for traveling. It's also good that the packaging is aluminium (I believe this is aluminium, isn't it) and it won't break or damage in your luggage. 

By the way, I just remembered I wrote a review for the Chocolate Palette by Too Faced too. Click on the picture if you want to read it. :)

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