Have you Tried Khadi Natural?

I love natural cosmetics! 
Unfortunately, there are couple of problems with these type of brands - they are not on every corner, the products are usually pricey and sometimes they aren't really good. I recently discovered Khadi Natural, an Indian brand set up in 1963, which produces handspun and handwoven 100% cotton fabrics and herbal cosmetics. Their products are paraben, SLS and cruelty free. They are as well vegan, herbal and very affordable (will add a link with the prices at the bottom of the post). However, there is one thing about Khadi that really made me love the brand. For the last few decades they have not only been educating and informing rural mass about cottage industries, but they have also been helping poverty stricken people by hiring them. Which means that when you buy these products you are supporting people in need (Oh, I really miss my Emojis here, I would love to add a heart after this sentence <3). 

Khadi Natural Nadia Zayat

Here are the reviews I wrote about some of their products:
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1. Herbal Exfoliating Facial Scrub and Fruits Mask

You can shop the brand at www.glamazle.com or visit their store in Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai.

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