New Products in my Bathroom!

You, guys know that my latest discover is Khadi Natural. There are couple of reasons why I like this brand so much - 100% natural ingredients, quality, very reasonable prices and it's available in the UAE!

Natural Shampoo

The last couple of years I had a very annoying problem with my scalp, it used to itch a lot for no reason. During that time I changed my shampoos few times and tried to reduce using hair styling products like mousse or hair spray and that did help me for a while but the itch would still appear from time to time. I thought that the reason might be the drugstore shampoos that I have used which, let's say it directly, contain mainly chemicals. Since then I've been trying to find good natural shampoo but the issue with them is that usually they smell bad and make your hair look weird. I got really excited when I saw that there is a shampoo in the box I received from Khadi Natural Middle East and was even more happy from the results. It moisturises my hair and it leaves it very shinny and soft. In addition it smells great, honestly can't get enough of that scent! The good news is I haven't experienced the scalp itch since I am using it (wahoooo). 

Natural Soap

The other product that I am using a lot recently is this handmade herbal soap that will steal your heart with the lovely scent of lavender. Here I have to add that I usually do not like lavender lol but surprisingly I really like the scent of this soap! It can be used for the body or the hands, I personally use it to wash my body with it and I noticed that it lasts long. I have been using it for about three weeks now but it still looks like brand new! The price will wow you as well, it costs only 17 AED!! You can shop the brand at

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