Oh, That Chanel Lipstick!

The reason why I really wanted to talk about this lipstick on my blog is because every time when I wear it I receive plenty compliments. Sometimes from my friends and family, other time from completely strangers. I even posted a picture on Instagram and got couple of comments and questions about it. I must admit I love wearing it! This is actually the only product I own by Chanel. It's gift from my mother in law for my birthday last year. I think I am the easiest person to buy gift for, simply get me makeup and I will be happy lol. 

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick

 The texture is thick and it feels very nice on the lips! I believe it slightly moisturises them as well. It is very pigmented (well, at least the colour that I have - 145, the nude colours might not be that pigmented) so one application is enough. For those of you who love matte lipstick, I have to disappoint you, it is rather creamy but the good news is that after an hour it looks velvet matte without to dry your lips. By the way it's quite long-lasting and I have to say it - the package is very pretty and luxurious, I just love seeing it in my bag. If you are looking for nice gift for someone special this lipstick is a great idea, also have in mind their gift wrapping is very sophisticated! P.S. apply lipliner in the same colour first and forget about retouching it for couple of hours! xx

I've posted this picture on Instagram long time ago. Wearing the same lipstick :)

I've posted this picture on Instagram long time ago. Wearing the same lipstick :)

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