Why the Sunscreen is a MUST! | Product Review

One of the biggest beauty mistakes that people make is not applying sunscreen daily. I know that it can be quiet annoying, especially if you are wearing makeup every day and there are so many products that you have to apply in the morning. But honestly speaking you can skip the foundation, but you shouldn't skip the sunscreen! We all remember this disturbing picture of the truck driver (below) - the left size of his face was exposed to the sun and the right wasn't. Pretty scary, huh? Are you convinced now that the sunscreen isn't a waste of time and money? I don't want to repeat myself because there are plenty good articles on the internet that give a lot of helpful information like this one by A Researcher's Approach (click here) or that one by The American Academy of Dermatology (here).

Picture:ย http://a-researcher-approach.blogspot.aeย 

Picture: http://a-researcher-approach.blogspot.ae 

If you are looking for a good face sunscreen I can recommend you this one by VICHY, which I randomly picked from the pharmacy few months ago. It dries matte and doesn't leave the skin greasy and sticky like most of the sunscreens. It doesn't dry the skin neither but I am not sure if it's suitable for dry skin. My skin is normal to oily and I find it perfect for me. You can then straight away put foundation or bb/cc cream and be sure that it won't affect the application at all.