Pretty False Lashes for Only 3 AED | Product Review

I remember few years ago when I used to wear false lashes on special occasions my friends asked me how to apply them, from where did you buy them, are they heavy, etc. Nowadays, I see ladies wearing false lashes in the gym, in the supermarket or even at work. It's something very popular at the moment and there are plenty lash brands out there, but do we know what exactly we are paying for?

I am usually an honest person and since I don't work for any makeup brand I can tell what I honestly think. The truth is that a lot of the lashes on the market right now are overpriced! If you google how the false lashes were made you will find out that they are usually handmade in Asia and the total cost of a pair is probably around a dirham, but the average price in the stores is around 80 AED. I understand that some brands invest in good quality package, PR, marketing and so many other things, but even so the price is way too high for something that you wear only once (if you are lucky enough 2 or 3 times). 
The lashes that I am wearing on the picture above are not branded, it's only written Taiwan on the package and I paid 30 AED for 10 pairs of false lashes. I bought mine from Dragon Mart in International City in Dubai, but I am pretty sure that you can find them in almost any country. In London I know that they sell them in China Town and the price is the same. I have two different boxes, but I personally like the ones that are on the second picture more (I am wearing them on the first picture).