Our Trip to Singapore | Part 1 of 2

 I wanted to visit Singapore for very long time and I kept telling my husband that we should go. Last November we both had a week off from work and we decided to plan a short vacation somewhere we haven't been before.  

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

The first thing that I noticed when we were landing was how green it was!! From the plane all I could see were trees, beautiful tropical and very very green trees that were everywhere in the city. That's the reason why I ended up having hundreds of pictures of different plants and trees.. They were just magnificent!

We caught a night flight from Dubai and we landed in the island quite early in the morning. After all we had only four days in Singapore and no time to waste. We quickly checked in the hotel and then headed to the first tourist sight that was on our list - Gardens by the Bay. The park is quite popular and welcomes million tourists every year. It consists of two parts: an indoor garden (two cooled conservatories) and an outdoor garden. My favourite part is the Cloud Forest (one of the cooled conservatories). 

In the evening we grabbed a taxi and went to the Arab Street, which was recommended to us by our friends. On that very cute and small street you can find few restaurants that offer halal food and at the end of it there is a mosque. 

I am gonna continue in a new post, because this one is getting too long. :) Stay tuned! xx