Is This the Best Concealer on the Market? | Products Review

Above: Before applying the concealer (bare skin) Below: I've applied only a concealer (no colour correction)

Above: Before applying the concealer (bare skin) Below: I've applied only a concealer (no colour correction)

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I have always been suffering from dark circles and I absolutely hate them! The truth about the dark circles is that there is nothing that can remove them completely. There are only two things that you can do about it, I call it Treat&Cover. Even though the eye creams for dark circles don't work like a magic and won't be able to erase them, they can still kinda control them not to get darker or even (if you are lucky enough to find a good cream) it can reduce them a little bit. My advice is always ask for a sample of that eye cream that they recommend you in the store and try it for few days before buying it. Skincare is very expensive and it doesn't work the same for everybody.

Here is the eye cream that I currently use and I love at the moment. I used to use another eye cream from Philosophy but they discontinued it :( so, I found this one in Singapore and decided to give it a try. 

eye cream

Okay, so once you found your perfect eye cream (yayyy!) and you apply it twice a day, next step is to find a good concealer that will cover them. There are few things that you need to know when you are buying a concealer: 

1. TRY IT! (not on your hands, on your eyes) I have seen people buying concealer without trying it or they would try a little bit on their hands and then they will head to the cash counter. First of all, the colour of your hand isn't the same as your face, second of all the skin is different. The skin around your eyes is very delicate and thin, as well around the eyes you might have wrinkles, lines or puffiness, all kind of things that you probably don't have on your hand. So, lets agree that trying concealer on your hand is senseless. ;)

2. Don't decide immediately. I know that you will probably think that I am really annoying and I make buying a concealer such a drama, but I am talking from experience. Sometimes the stores have amazing lights, but once you go back home you realise that this isn't the right colour for you. I would personally try it in the store and then I would check the colour in different lights (like outside the store, at home, in the restroom; daylight is the best. As well, having it for a while on your face will help you with deciding if it's long-lasting.)

3. The concealer has the hard job to cover the imperfections that's why it's thicker than the foundation. The thicker the concealer the more coverage it suppose to have. However, I have noticed that the cream concealers usually crease and look cake-y around the eyes (they do a great job when covering pimples). For under the eyes application better use a liquid concealer. 

The concealer that I absolutely LOVE at the moment is the Radiance Creamy Concealer by NARS. I find it medium to full coverage and what I love about it, it's long lasting and it doesn't crease. On the picture above you can see a Before and After applying it. Definitely a product that worth trying! 

I hope that you found this post helpful and you enjoyed it.
Remember not to expect miracles, because makeup isn't a magic, but it does help with covering this and that. ;)

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