Is the Lush Toner That Good? | Product Review

I LOVE Lush so much! 

Have you ever been to the Lush store on Oxford Street in London? It's like heaven on earth! It's a huge store fully stoked with many amazing products. The music is loud & cheerful and the cozy interior makes you feel like you are at home.. or maybe in your winter garden and oh, I have to admit that the sinks are such a good idea - useful and cute :) I can literally spend a whole day there.

The Lush store on Oxford Street. 

The Lush store on Oxford Street. 

Talking about the Oxford Street store I want to share with you my experience with the toner I bought from there. I actually went there to buy only one product that someone recommended to me and wasn't planning to get anything else but I changed my mind when the sales consultant showed me Eau Roma Water toner. She tried it on the back of my hand and the decision was taken. However, even though I liked there I didn't expect a lot from it. First, because I am such a sceptical person and second because usually all the toners are sticky and dry my skin big time! Thank God, that wasn't the case this time. Eau Roma Water leaves my skin soft, smooth, slightly hydrated and refreshed. I actually use it few times a day because the feeling is very addictive lol I love to tone the skin before applying makeup too. The greatest thing about it is that it was made from natural ingredients (like all lush products). It contains Lavender and Rose water, both well known for their amazing benefits for the skin. 

Lush products

By the way, have to even thought what does LUSH mean? Well, I did too so I google it lol and as far as I understood it means something like gorgeous, luxurious or simply wow :) something like that.. 

Lush cosmetics

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