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Happy Monday, beautiful people!
Have you ever used Sigma brushes? I bought my kit about an year ago and I don't regret it at all.. Continue reading to find out why I love them so much. :)

Nadia Zayat Makeup Sigma Brushes

One of the reasons why I love Sigma Beauty is because the quality of their products is really good and the prices are reasonable. I am quite sure that they were one of the first brands to offer brush kits and all the brushes accessorises like the cleaning mat, the dry'n shape tower and others. Back then it was difficult to find a professional set of brushes, you had to buy them separately and that was not only expensive but complicated as well. Today, you can go to Sigma's website and pick whatever brush set suits your needs and the great news is that they all come with a free travelling case! I have the Premium Brush Kit, which includes 15 brushes (8 for the complexion, 6 for the eyes and 1 lip brush) and a big case. 

From the left to the right: 

  1. The first brush is for lips, the good thing about it is that has a lid and you can even carry it in your bag. The coin is that is small and you have to apply the lipstick few times.
  2. The second one is a Flat brush, which is always useful!
  3. The Blending brush that I use the most! It blends eyeshadows very well.
  4. Flat Blending brush.  
  5. Great Concealer brush! I use it daily and I absolutely love it.
  6. Smaller Blending brush.
  7. Flat Smudge brush which I use all the time to smudge my pencil eyeliner. 
  8. Thin Eyeliner brush.

From the left to the right:

  1. A large concealer brush, which I have never used lol I find the bristles very hard.
  2. If you want to apply powder highlighter on the cheek bones then this is the perfect brush for this!
  3. One of my favourite and most used brushes. It's great for powder application, both pressed and loose powder, for highlighting and contouring as well.
  4. Very useful with liquid highlighters and creamy blushers. You can use it to apply sheer layer of liquid foundation. 
  5. The Blusher brush that I use the most!
  6. Big Powder brush.
  7. I think it's supposed to be a large Powder brush but I find it too big for the face, that's why I use it for the body.
Me holding the travelling case that comes with the set; Pic is from Instagram

Me holding the travelling case that comes with the set; Pic is from Instagram

Overall, I think the kit is great! It's perfect for personal or professional use. The 15 brushes are everything that you will need to create different makeup looks. The only brush I think i missing is the foundation brush, but you can use the large Concealer brush to apply the foundation if you want. I bought mine from a salon in Dubai called Beauty Station, they sell Sigma Beauty and Zoeva products and as far as I remember the price was the same as in the official website of Sigma. 

Hope that was helpful! 

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