Gel Manicure by Tips & Toes

Few weeks ago I decided to get gel manicure done. Believe it or not it was my first time! I have done it few years ago but I think the technology and the products have changed so much since then. One of the reasons why I never get the gel done is because I am short nails lover and I wear my nails very short all the time. I know you are probably thinking these nails on the pictures are short but this is long for me lol :D 

The picture is from my Instagram page, follow me there - @NadiaZayat.Makeup

The picture is from my Instagram page, follow me there - @NadiaZayat.Makeup

Now about the procedure: It takes about hour and a half. It is a little bit longer than the regular manicure because each layer needs to be dried under an ultra-violet lamp for about a minute I think. The best thing about it is that when the nail technician is done your nails are completely dry and you don't have to wait the way you do with the regular nail polish. I personally hate the waiting part because I am very active and independent person and I always start doing things right after my manicure is done and you can guess that I always ruin it. :| 

There were two things that I was concern about: A) How long will it last and B) Will it damage my nails. In the salon they told me that it should last up to two weeks but it also depends on your lifestyle. A regular manicure lasts a week on my nails so I was hoping that the gel will last the promised time. After all why would get gel done if it doesn't last more than the regular mani. :) 


The good news is my manicure lasted exactly two weeks and knowing that my nails were exposed to water every single day (cleaning, cooking and washing dishes) I think that this is a great result! I even went to an Aqua Park the very next day (the picture above is from there). Regarding my second concern - it didn't damage my nails at all! Just make sure to remove the gel in the salon because if you do it at home you might do it the wrong way and end up with damaged nails. As well do not peel the gel, it's very dangerous for the nails! 

Overall, I was very happy with the procedure and I would do it again! I paid 110 AED and got it done in Tips & Toes salon in their JBR branch. 

Hope that was helpful! 

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