How to Cover Dark Circles Under the Eyes | Video

I have new blog post for the dark circles (here) and new tutorial where I explain step by step what I'm doing and what products I am using! And I also uploaded another video showing you some of the best concealers for dark circles. You can find both tutorials below this text!

As you know (you have to know by now, I am complaining all the time lol) I've been suffering from dark circles around my eyes since I was a kid. Mine are genetical and absolutely nothing helps. Creams, masks, you name it, I have tried it all! Even if something does help, it will be unfortunetely temporary. With the time I had to learn how to cover them properly. Nowadays, there are many concealers that have a good coverage and don't crease or dry the skin. Have a look at this short video that I posted today on YouTube to see what products I use and how I cover my dark circles. 

How to cover dark circles under the eyes

Here is the Full List of the Products:

  1. Garnier Under Eye Dark Circle Lightening Cream (or use your favourite eye cream)

  2. MAC Pure Orange Studio Finish Skin Corrector (applied with brush F75 by Sigma Beauty)

  3. Radiant Creamy Concealer by Nars in Medium 1 Custard (Click here for the review) blended with the Mini Beauty Blender

  4. Translucent Loose Setting Powder by Laura Mercier applied with Luxury Powder Puff by MAC

    *If you need an advice with How to Pick the Right Concealer have a look at this post (link) and watch the video above.

Hope this is helpful xo xo

P.s. On the picture below I am wearing great drug store concealer which covers dark circles too. Click on the picture to see the post. xx 

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