How to Whiten your Teeth?

Yesterday me and my friends were discussing teeth whitening. Three of us have done the procedure but we all had different experience and different results. I thought that the subject is interesting and decided to write a post about it. :)

Only few days after the procedure. The picture is from my Instagram page -

Only few days after the procedure. The picture is from my Instagram page -

Honestly speaking I am blessed with naturally white teeth, thank God and never actually thought of doing any procedures until my mid 20s when I realised that drinking three cups of coffee a day isn't a good idea. I did the teeth whitening in my hometown Sofia, the reasons why I wanted to do it there are because A) the Bulgarian doctors and dentists are really good in their job and B) it's obviously way more cheaper then Dubai. ;) The procedure takes about 2 hours, probably less then that. They applied two different gels - one on my gums, which protects them from the lamp and another one (the whitening gel) on my teeth. The whitening gel gets activated by the lamp, that's actually the worst part of the procedure - you have to stay with open mouth covered in gel in front of a lamp for about an hour. I am not gonna lie to you it's painful and uncomfortable. The pain usually depends on how sensitive your teeth are and how resistant to pain you are. The result varies and it also depends on your teeth enamel and of course of the quality of the gel and the lamp that your dentist is using. So, pick the dentist wisely lol.

Before the procedure my dentist told me that my teeth suppose to be white for an year and after that I have to get it done again. On the pictures above you can see that even after an year my teeth are still quite white. (I am sorry for the bad quality, they are from my phone). During the whole year I was trying my best to keep them white as much as I could. I drink the coffee and some fresh juices with a straw and try to avoid biting with my front teeth colouring food like all the berries, chocolate and others. I still eat them of course but with spoon for example lol Don't worry, it sounds more difficult that actually is. 

I hope that my post was helpful xx Leave a comment or email me if you would like to ask me for more details about the procedure. 

Have a lovely day!

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