Set it and Forget it! | Product Review

At least once a month I got a question about the setting spray.
Do I really need one? How do I use it? Which one is the best? and etc.
In this post I will try to briefly answer few of them :)

The setting spray is something that you spray all over your face once your makeup is done. You can spray it over your eye makeup as well, just make sure to close your eyes. Of course the spray can be used in many different ways too. One of the most common ways is to moisturise your brush with it before applying the eyeshadow, that way the eyeshadow colour will be more intense and long lasting. A lot of women like to spray it right after they have applied the contouring, that will help you to blend it easier and of course to set it better. 
The two great setting sprays that I have used are the All Nighter by Urban Decay and the Fix + by MAC. The price of the both is almost the same and I can't really tell what is the difference between them. The one by UD is available in Oil-Control as well, which is perfect for oily skin type. 
On the question 'Do I actually need one?' I would say: If you live in a country where the temperature is over 30 degrees more than 6 months and if you hate to retouch your makeup like me then I think you definitely need one! 

Hope this was helpful!
lots of love xx

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