Halloween Collection by Lush | Product Review

Hey, ladies xx
Here is another post for Halloween lol. This time I am sharing with you my review for some products from the Halloween Collection by one of my favourite brands LUSH, which I received in my mailbox about a month ago.

I absolutely love this shower gel, Omg! (I have no idea why I always get super excited when I talk about my favourite products) First of all it smells amazing! It's just very relaxing and earthy. Don't know which ingredient gives that scent but I know that I want it in my bathroom forever lol It foams nicely and it does moisturise the skin, the only cons that I can point out is that is a bit runny. That doesn't bother me at all because I always use a bath pouf but I am just saying it for your information :) 

Goth Fairy / Picture Credit: lushusa.com

Goth Fairy / Picture Credit: lushusa.com

The other product that stole my heart is the one that leaves sparkles.. of course :D First of all I have to say that the design of the bar is so cute! The shimmer isn't overwhelmingly sparkly, for me its just the right amount of shimmer. It moisturises the skin as well and it smells like candy.. Yummy!! I love to use it on my legs and my hands, I would usually apply it last, just before to leave the door. Here is how to use the shimmer bar: Melt between your hands or directly onto your body and then blend it with your hands. 

Hope that was helpful xx
P.s. I have few other products to try from LUSH, so stay tuned!