Is This the Best Moisturiser for Combination Skin?

Couple of months ago I received this kit by Dermalogica in my mailbox, but I wanted to try it first before giving my review. The truth is that I have used it in the makeup academy but there I am not sure if they had exactly this kit for normal to oily skin. 

Let me start with my favourite products from the kit. I used the moisturiser and the eye cream absolutely every single day, in the morning and in the evening. I absolutely loved them! I just felt like they were made especially for my skin, which doesn't happen very often. There are few great things about them. On first place they aren't greasy at all, which allows you to apply your makeup straight away with no problems! Plus your skin feels moisturised and looks matte in only few minutes. The most important thing - they aren't sticky at all!! What else would you possibly ask for from everyday skincare products!

The face scrub and the cleansing gel I used on my vacation and can say that they are good as well. One thing that was very important to me is if they dry the skin or not. Some products for oily skin tent to dry the skin a lot and hey, if you have oily skin the last thing that you want is to be dehydrated too! Luckily that wasn't the case. ;)

The last product from the kit is the toner. Before giving you my review for this product I have to tell you that I absolutely love Dermalogica and had used and keep using soooo many of their products but this toner is definitely not my cup of tea. I am not sure why, it just doesn't work for me. 

Overall, would I actually buy the kit? 
I would definitely get the moisturiser and the eye cream in big sizes!