Get to Know Me :)

Hey xx guys,
I hope you all enjoying your weekend.
Two weeks ago it was my 27th birthday and the other day I accidentally found a picture of me that was took on my 17th birthday lol When I saw it I came with the idea for this a little bit personal post about me. Since there are exactly 10 years between the two pictures I am gonna share with you 10 facts about me. :)

The picture is from my Instagram page; Follow me there -

The picture is from my Instagram page; Follow me there -

1. I was born and raised in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. No, we don't speak Russian lol We have our own language - Bulgarian :)

2. My mom is Bulgarian and my father is Syrian. They went to same university in Russia, where they both studied civil engineering. 

3. Under the influence of my parents I studied Architecture in my home city Sofia and I actually acquired a master degree in Architecture, but I've never worked as an architect. I realised that it isn't something I would love to do till the rest of my life during my first year of my education, but I was too afraid not to disappoint my parents that's why I didn't quit.

4. I have always been into beauty! I started applying makeup and do my hair when I was probably 12, 13. My makeup was very simple - only a lipgloss and a little bit of mascara in the days when I wasn't at school. I was actually not allowed so I had to hide it from my parents... At that time I was obsessed with a transparent lipgloss lol which I used to buy from the local drug store. I don't think I would ever forget this lipgloss :D

5. My makeup career started in Sephora, where I worked for about an year. 

On the left: Picture from my 17th Birthday;ย On the right: A selfie I took on my 27th Birthday;

On the left: Picture from my 17th Birthday; On the right: A selfie I took on my 27th Birthday;

6. My husband is British-Pakistani, born and raised in London. 

7. We came to Dubai few months after we got married. 

8. I used to hate asian food, now I absolutely love it lol I do actually cook Pakistani food at home.

9. I LOVE food! I have always wanted to be one of these skinny fit ladies that eat an apple for the whole day lol but my love for the food wouldn't allow me to be one of them!

10. It's been an year since I stopped eating meat, I do eat fish though. There were few reasons that made me do it. One of them was one of my closest friend who is such an animal lover! She was telling me all those horrible stories about how animals are given antibiotics and were treated really badly. I then started following the animal organisation PETA on Facebook and few months later I decided  to give up on the meat. If I have to be honestly with you I do love meat, but I have never been a regular meat eater so it wasn't a big sacrifice ;).