Best of Too Faced? | Product Reviews

If you ask me which are the best products from the American makeup brand Too Faced I think I would say - their eyeshadows. I also love Born This Way foundation which I am planning to review in a separate post because I have a lot to say about it!  

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Review 1

Today, I am gonna talk about one of their most famous eyeshadow palettes - Chocolate Bar, which is favourite to many makeup artists, bloggers, youtubers and women around the world. And no, we don't like it only because it looks and smells like chocolate bar lol although I must admit that it's a great marketing trick. It combines the two things that ladies love the most - chocolate and makeup! You don't have to be Nostradamus to predict that this product is going to be a huge success! 
Actually, the name is not random. The eyeshadows are pigmented with antioxidant-rich cocoa powder which explains the amazing scent of chocolate (mmmm yummy!). The idea came from Too Faced Founder and Creative Director, Jerrod Blandino, who discovered the benefits of cocoa while having a chocolate facial at a Hawaiian spa. How brilliant is that!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Review 2

On the picture above you can see all the colours. I actually just noticed that I've missed two of them - Creme Brûlée and Triple Fudge. It is such a shame because they are two of my favourite! Creme Brûlée is a very nice light golden colour and Triple Fudge is a deep brown matte eyeshadow. Other favourite of mine are Champagne Truffle (I use it as a highlighter.. its great under the arc of the eyebrows! have a look at the picture below), Gilded Ganache, Hazelnut, Marzipan, Semi-Sweet, Haute Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Candied Violet (it doesn't look very pretty on this picture, but I use it a lot and it's very nice purple colour, have a look the picture below) and Amaretto are the other great colours.
Over all, I think that it's a great palette and does worth the money. Actually, in comparison with palettes from other brands it's not expensive at all. In the UAE you can find it in every Sephora store and in the UK it's available in Dabenhams. 

A look I've created using Too Faced Chocolate Bar

A look I've created using Too Faced Chocolate Bar