This Lipstick Costs Only ยฃ1 (AED 5) But It Looks and Feels Expensive!

If you have never heard of MUA, itโ€™s a very affordable drugstore brand, which has some good products. When I lived in London few years ago, my sister in law recommended me to try their lipsticks. At that time I wasnโ€™t convinced because they cost only 1ยฃ each and I thought that it canโ€™t be really good for this price. Few days after that she came back home with two red lipsticks for me - one matte and one creamy and literally made me try them and Iโ€™m glad she did, because now I know that there are some really good affordable drugstore products on the market! Actually, because of her I got to try the 2ยฃ velvet matte crayon by Primark, which Iโ€™ve been using all the time ever since (Click here to read my review for it)

I'm sorry for the bad quality; the picture is taken with iPhone camera.ย 

I'm sorry for the bad quality; the picture is taken with iPhone camera. 

After we discussed the price and we all agree that itโ€™s great, now letโ€™s see what do you get for it. Well, basically everything! They are very pigmented, long-lasting and the matte ones donโ€™t dry the lips. Also thereโ€™s a little bit lipgloss on the bottom of the lipstick, which Iโ€™ve never used, but I find it very cleaver and just like a small bonus. 

If you live or travel to the England, you can for sure find it in Superdrug. Unfortunately, Iโ€™m not pretty sure if itโ€™s available in Dubai, I think I spotted it in Lifestyle in Dubai mall, but keep in mind that it will be probably more expensive than the U.K. 

Hope that was helpful xxx

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